Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day to myself....

A day to my self...Whats a girl to do???
I had a sudden unexpected day to myself recently.
With everyone out the door what to do?
Workout? Shop? Clean that (those) closets out? Organize...Attack the mountains of laundry?Take a nap?
Next thing I know the phones ringing and I'm at the Y.
Walking and talking.
Next run home for a quick shower, and then back to town for lunch with some girlfriends.
As you know, Eatting with good friends is something I love !
I literally left one shop and headed to another for coffee and more visiting with friends.
And that was my day !
Quite different than the usual homeschooling, running kids to band, laundry,cleaning,work-out, go to work day...


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I love my family, food and friends! Talking about good food while eatting good food with family and friends is especially wonderful !