Thursday, February 25, 2010

HoMe SpUn FriEnDs

My very Favorite !

Hard work in a jar !

Summer goodness


A chicken that once adorned
my grandmas farm wall

I am a cottage/country gal at heart.

I love puttin my apron on and whippin up a banana bread or having a soup simmering on the stove. I really like how cozy it makes the house smells.

I love cozy little lamps all through out the nooks and crannies making it more cozy.

I love mixed up plaids and flowers.

I love chickens and roosters ( even had real ones once...cute running around, but a farmer I am not. lol)

I LoVe, LOvE canning ! Especially when after all the hard work you have all these beautiful jars lined up lookin so good!

I love that when its cold and snowy and you forgot to get the tomatos for the chili ...Lo and behold in the pantry is a jar of fresh canned summer sun kissed tomoatos ! Yum!

I was so BLESSED today with all these goodies from a homespun friend.

Not only tomatos, but sweet relish, salsa, bread and butter pickles. Jams, wild plum and peach.

and my very favorite chokecherry syrup, oh my! Good thing I am the only one who likes

it or else I would be hiding it !

A taste of summer to cozy up this cold winter day.

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