Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 52

Realizing how fast time goes by, how much time we spend doing this or that for our kids.... we realized how we needed to spend more "couple time" so this is our concentrated attempt at doing just that.

52 dates this year. 1 each week.

We have went out for breakfast; leaving the kids to fend for themselves. They loved it, and so did we!

We recently had a cheese and wine tasting. After the kids were in bed we opened a bottle of white merlot, sliced the cheeses. We also had some grapes.
I love cheese, however tend to buy the same old ones again and again. Mostly because who knows what some of these funny named cheeses will taste like.
We tried a blue, a delightul champagne parmesean, Gorgonzola, soft swiss, cranberry chipolte and a port.
We had so much fun laughing and talking. We found that we now know to not order anything with gorgonzola in it. Not a favorite. However, the champagne parmesean was great. Surprisingly, I liked the cranberry chipolte better than he did.
We definetly agreed "dating" is something we like to do and worth it to take the time each week.
We hope to go biking and play cribbage and out to a new resturant in a nearby town....just spending time together connecting.
How about you, what kind of dates do you have with your honey?

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  1. Lori, I love this post! I agree that dating your husband is such an important thing to do. As parents we spend so much time nurturing our is good to remember that our marriage is just as important. Your dates sound like a lot of fun. In the winter we get into a rut, mostly movies....both out to the theater and here at home. When the weather is better we like to run together, go for walks or bike rides, drives and dinner dates in Battle, OT and such. We too try to get a date in once a week and Derek also tries to get a date in each week with one of the girls. I can't wait to hear about your dates as the year goes on!



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