Saturday, May 1, 2010

To Do

It's raining ! Yea ! This is definetly what my kids needed to help clear up their allergies.
I love rainy days. Perfect time to curl up with some craisin scones with pomegranite jelly and some cream coffee, a good book(currently The Mitford Bedside Companion). Love, LoVe days like these.
It's also days like this that get me thinking of a To Do list - not just all work, but fun things too !

So far my spring/summer to do list looks like this:

I really want to get a garden planted -I have the goods to go into the ground, just haven't the time yet.
Go biking with the Fam on the bike trail -Maybe to Dalton for ice cream?
Geocashing - sounds so fun, would love to find somewhere close to try...Who wouldn't love a treasure hunt?
Organize everyones rooms - mine included
Plant a bleeding heart - pink or white - maybe both
Refinish an antique dresser
Drop lots of stuff @ GWI
Gather the stuff to drop @ GWI
Read books with L/S
Paint the back entry
Go thru my files and purge/organize
Sand and paint the doors
Ride my dirtbike
Go to Itasca with the fam
Finish the quilt Sara and I started
Walk with my friend
Have window seat cushions made for attic
Paint drawers
Go to Grannys for "before lunch" ice cream
Hang @ the beach with friends
Go to House on the Rock with my Fam
Plant tulips -lots
Have breakfast @ the Riverside with Peter
Roast marshmellows around the bon fire
Write notes
Read, Read, Read.....
Have a summer party with lots of good friends and good food
Organize the old fridge room
Take old paint cans to the recycling center
See my parents more
Learn to make beautiful cards
Refinish the porch floors
Find the "just right" rug for the DR
LIFE = Living Intentionally For Everything
Bless you sweet friends !
How does your to do list look?

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  1. HOLY SMOKES!!! That's quite a to do list! Mine looks more like
    1. Get up
    2. Cook, clean, shower, cook, clean, go to the lake, cook, clean, bathe children.



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