Monday, May 24, 2010

This & That

I took some time the other day when it was rainy to catch up on some friends blogs, and realized how much fun it is to read what everyone is doing, thinking etc... I also realized that I had not done a good job on keeping up either.

So...Project 52 has turned into Project 26 - Peters idea since we are so busy, I work PM's and we have been married 26 yrs ! Smart man.

We have read books, talked lots, went for icecream@ BJ's (love their icecream)oh and so much more... mostly simple easy - just being together stuff- We did go to Wisconsin to pick up something and then to Maple Grove to spend the noc recently. We had a grand time. It was so beautiful out...we ate at Granite City - let me just say that I LoVE the meatloaf - seriously you have to try it and you will know ! We went to the Mpls. Farmers market and had a fun time. soooooo many goodies - plants, funky clothes, cheeses, breads, fruit, veggies, herbs, people playing music the atmosphere ! I got a Hen & Chicks plant to put in my outdoor rooster planter.

We also went to Turnstyle and I found all kinds of goodies. There are lots of them around the cities. My trusty blackberry came in handy for getting us to the goods!
I can't forget that one of the best parts was that
ohhhh my, we had Whoopie Pies; they were heavenly !!
For my To Do list I have purchased (not yet planted) a pink and white bleeding heart plant, and found the perfect rug for the Dining room !

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