Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another article by Sara for Mom!

well, Christmas is just around the corner! Isn't it funny it seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday. well, as you all know we had twenty some people in our house on Thanksgiving ! It went pretty well my nephew's friends were very nice. And all of my kids and son in law went black Friday shopping. They had a lot of fun but didn't buy much at all. Later that night I met up with them and we all went to the mall and I got some fiesta silverware! I absolutely love it! well for Christmas this year me and my family are going down to Arizona with my brother and his daughter to spend Christmas with my parents and Peter's parents. I can not wait to get back in the sun! now this week is a hectic week . Sara is serving at the Christmas banquet, Luke is going to his first Christmas banquet, then Luke is having a class party and Sara is having two friends over. so it is going to be one busy week. is anyone looking forward to snow i am not but my children can not wait for some snow and hopefully many snow days. i am counting the days till we go to Arizona. what is everybody else doing for Christmas??

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