Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest post Sara Jo for Mom

I just recently got back from beautiful Arizona. It was simple marvelous, I went down on Monday and came back on Friday. Once I got back I found out that my daughters got me some new pillows for my living room! They go great with the new rug! Except the rug is one of those rugs where you have to vacuum a certain way, but oh well. Meanwhile Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there are twenty some people coming out to our house for thanksgiving. Two people are my nephew's friends who have never had a real home cooked Thanksgiving meal or a Thanksgiving out of the cities, but anyways that should be really interesting. I hope they like the food. Everyone is bringing something Sara is making pies, I am making stuffing,Jo is making potatoes and so on. What is everyone doing for their Thanksgiving? Is it going to be as crazy as ours? Tonight we just had potato soup and corn bread. Yum! It seems to be a perfect night for soup. Tonight is just going to be a relaxing night. We had soup, now we are going to watch a movie! It is so good to be back home. :)


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  2. potato soup? yum!



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