Thursday, September 29, 2011


It has been quite a season for me. People coming and going, some temporarily, some permanently. While most women would LOVE to redecorate and shop for new furnishings, I do not like to.
The last few months have left me feeling bereft. I tend to like order and control over go with the flow~ Oh but the LORD has been faithful through it all As the Bible would say there is a seson for everything- both physically and spiritually I look forward to the end of this season and looking a head to what's in store next.
 Fall is my most FaVoRiTe season of all. Slowly with the changing of the leaves I am feeling anchored again. I love "hunkering down"as my friend Kim would say. I love settling in, making the nest cozy. I just finished setting out the fall decorations, and I have an apple bunt cake in the oven now. It smells so comforting.
I made a CoZy chicken and dumplings stew the other day I want to share the recipe with you~your family will Love it! Plus it's easy pest to make I made mine in my LeCruset Dutch oven Just throw in the amts of ing. That suit your family size.
For the four of us, I used 1c. Cooked chicken cut up 5lg. Carrots (from a friends garden -such a treat)-chopped in big chunks 5 lg. Potatoes -big chunks 1can peas Sauté some onions and garlic 1jar chicken gravy 1can cream of chicken soup 1 box chicken broth I put it in the oven @300 for about 5 hrs - then topped it with refrigerator biscuits and baked till they were brown
Put some candles on the table and enjoy !


  1. Thanks Lori....can't wait to try this!! Sounds and sure smelled yummy last eve!!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, and congratulations on winning the fall book giveaway! Now you will have something else to read after Sweetwater Gap. Please message me your address, and I will get Courting Morrow Little in the mail to you.




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