Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good God, Good Food, Good Friends

Good afternoon dear reader,

Today in Minnesota is a rather greyish day. Cold, not by Minnesota standards, but none the less no sunshine.

Quite frankly its the type of day to stay in your pjs, curl up by the fireplace( if you had one) and sip hot coffee with lots of cream and nibble away on lemon cookies. All the while reading a good book. I'm thinking Mitford....

I did not "feel" up to having a house full of ladies and all that entails...but alas, that is just what I did.

I heard Sally in my head- " They aren't coming to see your house. They are coming to see you".

"You don't have to cook a feast, a cracker will do" " It's about the fellowship..."

I am here to tell you it's all true!

Those who love you, well really they don't care that you haven't dusted since who knows how long, or that the childrens things are in disarray. I know I don't think twice about those things when I'm with a loved one. However, we put it on ourselves so often to have "everything just so" that we miss the opportunity to be part of each others lives; if even for a brief time.

So I put a chili in the crockpot, made some good cheesy bread and threw a pie in the oven. We feasted, and giggled and cried.....Oh how good it was to live life with some fellow sojurners on the path of life.


  1. You are so right! Friends ~do~ come to see you, not your house. A wise person once told me this. :) Love the blog! It is awesome!

  2. I did so much better this past year with having friends over even when my house isn't perfect (which it NEVER is). I'd love to have you over sometime...Fridays are good for me. Sounds like you had a great day with friends!



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