Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Margin or Margarine

Do you allow yourself enough margin in your life ?
I was watching JM this am, and she was expounding on the need for margin in our lives. I am learning how to do this. By necessity I have been organized - homeschooling, working etc...
However, I do so much better when I don't just rush from one thing to the other...Sometimes I pride myself in being so efficient. Getting all that I think needs to be done, done. But most often it just gets in the way and I end up feeling frazzled. I read a line in a delightful book called "Simple Country Wisdom" " An efficient home is one that runs smoothly and doesn't get in the way of the people who live there".
Anyways back to margin... JM was going on and on how she needs margin, how she is addicted to margin, how she loves margin, has to have it everyday in her life...Sara turns and looks at me " is she talking about butter"?
So margin or margarine or even butter...Its all good !

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