Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I have a delightful soup simmering away on the stove. The house smells wonderful! I love soup for so many reasons. It's a sneaky way to get lots of good things in that perhaps would be noticed otherwise ( not just for the kids either). Once you get it all together its easy to just let it simmer away, or put it in the crockpot and forget it. It's usually low calorie, but yet I feel full. There are all kinds of wonderful ones to make too. Not just chicken noodle or vegetable. My mom used to make the BEST bean soup. Love it ! Another one I just love is chicken wild rice. My S-I-L makes a good one, as well as my friend Ang. She thinks nothing of just whipping up gallons at a time.
I would normally wax the wonders of brownies or scones or some other sugar laden confection, but alas, I am abstaining from sugar for the time being. I have found I feel soooooooooo much better without it. So this has given me time to reflect on just how something like soup or yougurt with kashi and banana can really satisfy and sustain. Of course I am learning patience, discipline and contentment too. God really is so good!
Whats your favorite soup friend?


  1. My FAVORITE is creamy chicken wild rice. Yummmmmm....

  2. i love the soup it is perfect for a rainy day



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